Auction Items

During the 2019 Survivor's Roast Dinner the following donated items will be auctioned with all proceeds going to the RFDS for their Mental Health in Remote Communities program.
These special items can be viewed on the Friday evening and prior to the Survivors Roast dinner.

1. One bottle of  the limited Wild Duck Creek Estate, 2017 Duck Muck.
The following is from the Wild Duck website:
  • The Wine - Duck Muck was first made by a stroke of luck. Some super-ripe Shiraz was picked from our Original Vineyard and made into wine, which didn’t quite fill a barrel. The barrel was then topped up with Alan’s Cabernet Pressings, being the only wine available to David (Duck) at that time in 1994. The resulting wine was given away to our best customers. What David didn’t appreciate at the time was how the blend of these two vineyards, and that specific style, was going to create a wine that was not only of world class quality, but gain cult status all over the world. With a few refinements, Duck Muck is possibly the hardest wine for us to make. The vineyards are meticulously attended to. Cane pruned, shoot thinned, and fruit thinned to try and achieve the perfect balance in any particular vintage. The fruit is then picked and partly destemmed into small open top fermenters. The Original Vineyard Shiraz having 30% whole bunches left in the ferment. The wine is then gently basket pressed into 100% new Dominique Laurent barriques and matured for up to 27 months. Duck Muck when bottled is extraordinarily intense, with layers of texture, wonderfully complex aroma, and incredible length and depth.
    Wine experts have rated this wine as arguably in the top 3 shiraz in Australia
    It is only sold on allocation and the 2017 vintage is sold out.
    Valued at over $450

2. A limited edition print by Graham Pilley, a noted botanical artist and long term Rowathon participant. 
The print is of Grevillea "Robyn Gordon" a medium size shrub which is by far the most popular grevillea in Australian gardens due to its almost year round flowering, its ability to grow in most soils and its attraction to honey eaters and bees.

3. A water colour painting "Make a Splash" by Marg Whyte, a local Wentworth artist who specialises in "story art", depicting life in the bush and on the waters around Wentworth. Marg grew up in the Victorian Mallee and following marriage lived on a 45,000 acre farm north of Wentworth where, in addition to looking after her family, she became engrossed in the local fauna and flora. She delighted in drawing and painting scenes of the animals in the bush and on the local Anabranch of the Darling River. Many of her paintings and illustrations appear in her children's books, on greeting cards and most recently in a book titled " The Death of a River", a collection of sixteen water colour paintings depicting the demise of the greater Anabranch of the Darling River.
"Make a Splash" recalls the enjoyable times when the rivers flowed.

Framed painting measures 45cm X 37cm.