Auction Items

During the 2018 Survivor's Roast Dinner the following donated items were auctioned with all proceeds going to the RFDS.

1. "Gus" the single scull donated by Andy Cannon and recently reconditioned by Sykes, including new riggers and is in new condition. It is suitable for rowers 80Kgs plus. "Gus" is named after Andy's coach and a famous American rower from Philadelphia, USA, who rowed in the Vesper gold medal eight and won the US singles championships. He's "been really good to visiting Aus rowers in Philly."

2. A pair of new sculling oars donated by Croker Oars, suitable for the scull above.

3.   A limited edition print by Graham Pilley, a noted botanical artist and a long term Rowathon participant.
 "Eucalyptus preissiana, also known as the Bell-fruited Mallee, is a small tree which occurs in the area around Albany and Esperance in Western Australia.  It normally reaches about 2-3 metres in height by a similar width but can be smaller. The large, yellow flowers may be 30 mm or more in diameter. The flowers are often used in floral displays."