Fundraising for RFDS

We encourage all rowers and their supporters to support the RFDS Wellbeing Program by going to this link and make a donation to their wonderful efforts 

1 in 5 Australians 16 – 85 years will experience a Mental ILLNESS

in any given year no matter where they live. 

Poor mental health outcomes in remote and rural Australia are preventable.

·         Rural Australians are 30% more likely to suicide than those in urban areas

·         Drought prone and fire ravaged areas experience higher rates of anxiety, depression and suicide

Flying Doctor Wellbeing, is a key part of the RFDS Vic.'s commitment to bringing high

quality health care to people in the bush. It provides vital mental health support

specifically for people in rural and remote Victoria, with counselling services available in

person (or via telehealth) at no cost.

Your support will help the Flying Doctor close the gap in access to mental health care services.                                                                                                           

The Committee and RFDS Victoria thank you for your donations.