Rowathon 2017

Following is a selection of photos from the 2017 Flying Doctor Rowathon. If you have photos that ypou would like to add to this collection, please send to our email address: .

AMC 1st leg                                                                         Andrew Sinclair on 1st leg

Annie Kennedy on 3rd leg                                                     Flo Howard on 2nd leg

CLRC No 1                                                                          CLRC No 2

Endeavoars - CGA/Mercs composite                                     Michael Ogier

Rob Ellis and Symonne Wickman                                     PHRC first crew

MRC Mansquad                                                                PHRC second crew

Quiet Achievoars   1st leg                                                  Sullivan's chasing CLRC

Sullivan crew 2 leg                                                             Bob Hill's landing

Morning tea stop - waiting for 1st leg crews                       Afternoon tea stop - discussion with timer - Roger

Dinner setting in boat shed                                                     The time keeper in action

The Darling at sunrise                                  Sunset by the boat shed

A race to the afternoon tea stop........