2015 Rowathon

The photos below are but a small selection of the many taken during a great weekend of socialising and rowing. Thank you to all who provided the photographs.

Friday evening BBQ                                                       Breakfast briefing before a 7.00am start

LURC quad and Goolwa octo heading through the cutting to the Murray

Barwon eight and MRC ladies passing through the cutting

Barwon double                                                                Harry from Tailem Bend



Morning tea stop waiting for first crews                            Crews arriving, resting/changing and leaving

Merc-Fields 1                                                               Merc-Fields 2

AMC mens composite                                                  AMC ladies

CLRC 1                                                                        CLRC 2

CLRC composite                                                          Canberra RC coxless quad

Sue and Dave Andrews

Flo Howard                                                                  A great afternoon tea stop

MRC ladies                                                                  MRC men winners of Ian Law Trophy

Genazzano men first leg                                                Hawthorn first leg crew setting off

Hawthorn second leg crew                                             Cooling off at the end of the last leg

Finish line with welcoming supporters                             Survivor's Roast Dinner setting - note table decorations
                                                                                    Great venue and amazing effort from WDRC team