Charts & Maps

Murray River

The Rowathon Long Course runs from Boundary Bend, 92Km downstream to finish at the regional centre of Robinvale. The Short Course starts and finishes in Euston, turning at Miller's Bend.

Darling River

The Rowathon course starts and finishes at Wentworth Rowing Club, between Wentworth Bridge and the caravan park (chart 1) and heads up stream turning at the 38Km marker (chart2) or earlier, depending on rowing conditions, between the 34 and 36 markers (chart 2).

Murray below Wentworth

This course starts at Wentworth District Rowing Club and crews row downstream through lock 10 stopping for morning tea near Ana Branch Station then to lunch near lock 9 finishing at Ned's Corner where boats are taken out and loaded onto trailers.