Operational Plan & Safety Management Plan

Operational Plan will be updated close to the Rowathon Day

RFDS Operation Pelican Inc.  Flying Doctor Rowathon

September 9, 2023

Operational Plan


The aim of this event is to ensure the safe, enjoyable and environmentally responsible behaviour of all waterborne personnel involved with the Rowing Marathon.

Organisations involved

St John’s Ambulance Mildura

R.F.D.S Operation Pelican Inc

Wentworth District Rowing Club 

There will be a number of Support Vehicles following the crews with UHF Radios and also Mobile Phones.

Program for the day 

Date:                                         9th September, 2023

Starting Time:                             7.00am

Starting Location:                      Avoca Station on the Darling River

Starting on the Darling River at Avoca Station (52km marker) crews will row downstream to a private property (22km marker) for morning tea then row to Wentworth District Rowing Club, Wentworth, for lunch. After lunch they will pass through lock 10 and row down the Murray to Fort Courage (804km marker) where they will finish. 4-5 power boats will follow crews.

         Finishing Location:        Fort Courage, 804 km river marker

At Fort Courage, boats will be loaded on to trailers and transported back to Wentworth District Rowing Club. R.F.D.S. Operation Pelican Inc. will record crews departing at the start, and will also check boats in and out

at morning tea, lunch, and also at the finish line. 

Safety Management

The RFDS Operation Pelican committee will coordinate:

Ø                       Communications

Ø                       Support Crew Responsibility

Ø                      Mildura St John’s Ambulance first aid will be stationed on the river to access Ambulance and other necessary support crews – St John’s Ambulance contact is TBA

 All communications to ambulance and police will be managed by St John’s Ambulance

Wentworth District Rowing Club will have 4-5 motor boats, 1-2 people per boat.

We expect to have approx. 25-30 rowing boats and will start boats at approx 30 second intervals with a 1 minute gap after each 5-6 row boats and our aim is for each group of 5-6 row boats to have a support motor boat and to monitor each other’s progress.

All coxes will have a copy of the relevant Darling and Murray River Charts to guide them along the rivers as well as safety notes. They will also be briefed before the start to ensure all understand the safety plan including communication and emergency access points. 




Wentworth Ambulance will have details of the rowing course and they   are aware of access points along both rivers.

Darling River:-

Tapio Station                                 Wentworth – Pooncarie Rd

Netherby Station                       Wentworth – Pooncarie Rd

G.Hills Property                             Pomona – Lower Darling Rd

Pomona boat ramp                   Pomona – Lower Darling Rd

Wentworth Rowing Club               Wentworth

Murray River:-

Lock 10                                             Wentworth

Fort Courage                                Nulla Rd, Wentworth

St John’s Ambulance and motor boats on the river will have short wave radio and mobile phone communication for the entire course. Organisers and land based support will have mobile contact at each of the stop points.

For help call St John’s Ambulance – TBA

Any further information, please contact Sam Cross on 0408 596 390 or 

Bob Symons on 0412 256 344

Any Further Information please contact Sam Cross on 0408 596 390 or 

Bob Symons on 0412    256 344 


The document below has the RFDS Operation Pelican Inc. Safety Management Plan in the format as issued by Rowing Victoria. This was updated in August 2022.

RV Safety Management Plan RFDS Op Pel 2023.pdf