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This is NOT a race, but....... 

From its inception in 1992, the Murray River Rowathon has awarded a perpetual trophy to the team which achieves the highest score for major non-rowing aspects of their participation.

 Named after Jack Joel, who rowed in many of the early Rowathons and was a strong supporter of a range of charities including the RFDS, the "Jack Joel" trophy rates teams on the following criteria:-


In 2005 a new trophy, named for Ian Law, who was the prime mover in the establishment of the Rowathon, was inaugurated.  This is the simple one, awarded to the crew which completes the course without rower changes (yes you can change cox but not rowers) at the rest stops along the course.  Most teams work on a relay basis, changing some or all crew members after each leg, so this trophy is for the genuine mileage munchers.



In 2010 we introduced a new trophy, the " Col Rogers Fastest Boat" (who said it is not a race...) for those crews who want to really give it a go but don't want to or can't do the full course with out changes. Like the Ian Law trophy it will be the fastest rowing time over the course with crew changes allowed at each of the rest stops. The time keeper will clock crews in and out at each stop and finish and will have the final decision on the winner. Col Rogers is a local Robinvale identity and has been associated with rowing in Robinvale for many years as well as rowing in and supporting the RFDS Murray Rowathon since it's inception.

In 2016 we introduced a new trophy, the "Wentworth Perpetual" trophy for rowers who want to get the pain over early and just do the nominated leg/ legs as a half marathon. It will be awarded to the fastest crew with no rower changes.

In addition to your crew name on the perpetual trophy, winning crews will be presented with a specially made and engraved medal.


2010 Ian Law Trophy - Tasmanian Composite;2010 Jack Joel Trophy - AMC;  2010 Col Rogers Trophy - Essendon RC



 2014 Ian Law Trophy winning crew and Col Rogers winning crew. See Time Sheet 2014 for crew names and winning times.



2016 Photos of winning crews and results are below.

Ian Law Trophy winning crew  was   Col Rogers Trophy winning crew     Jack Joel Trophy winning Club was

The Twisted Blisters / Tailem Bend    The Quiet Achievoars / HRC            Hawthorn Rowing Club (HRC)          

Mildura Composite

Wentworth Perpetual Trophy winning crew was MRC Masters Women

This year, 2016, we introduced a medal for rowers who have participated in 10 or more Rowathons since the start in 

1991. Four participants in 2016 were presented with a "Celebrating 10+ Years" medal, Robbie Brooks from The Cardinals

Rowing Club, Ernst Wirtz and Fritz Heinzmann from AMC and Graham Pilley from Melbourne RC.

The results for the 2017 Flying Doctor Rowathon are available below.


The 2017 successful crews were:

Ian Law Trophy - MRC Mansquad                                          Col Rogers Trophy - Quiet Achievoars - HRC

Wentworth Perpetual Trophy - Andrew Sinclair - PHRC         Jack Joel Trophy - Hawthorn Rowing Club

The "Celebrating 10+Years" was presented to Steve Lynch of PHRC - photo needed


2018 Results are posted below. Photos of successful crews:-

Ian Law Trophy - MRC Unchanging                                     Col Rogers Trophy - MRC Changing

Wentworth Perpetual Trophy - Richmond Mens                Jack Joel Trophy - Hawthorn Quiet Achievoars

Special Contribution Medal - Allan Dawes , Croker Oars and Andrew Cannon

The "Celebrating 10+ Years" medals were presented to Deborah Dawes, Jenny Yaxley and Greg Yaxley


2019 Results are posted below. Photos of successful crews :-

Richmond RC Mens Quad won the Wentworth Trophy     Melbourne RC Unchanging Quad won the Ian Law Trophy

presented by Sam Cross of WDRC                                          presented by Barb Law on behalf of Ian Law

Mildura Quad won the Col Rogers Trophy presented by         Richmond and LURC won the Jack Joel Trophy presented

Steve Heywood of Wentworth Shire Council                               by Marie Quick of RFDS Victoria 

The inaugural "Lee Mann Fundraising Award" Medal for the most funds raised for the RFDS was awarded to Guy Ayres of Richmond Rowing Club.

The inaugural "Single Sculler Award" Medal for completing the full distance was awarded to Flo Howard of Wentworth District Rowing Club.

"Celebrating 10+ Years" Medals were presented to Marg Picken, Ian Picken, Robbie Brooks, Garth Chamberlain, John Harris, Lou Olayos and Steve Lynch.


The  2022 results are posted below and photos of winners follow:

Single Sculler award to Patrick Welham      2021 Lee Mann Fundraising Medal to Ernst Wirtz

2022 Col Rogers Trophy to MRC Mens Quad               2022 Lee Mann Fundraising Medal to Guy Ayres

                      2022         Jack Joel Trophy to Richmond Rowing Club

           2022  The Ian Law Trophy was awarded to Capital Lakes No.1 Quad

2023 Flying Doctor Rowathon started at Avoca on Darling - Avoca Station

For more photos of the rowing and the day, go to " Photo Gallery" and "2023".

Single Sculler Award - Ebony Ebenwaldner - Ballarat City RC  Wentworth Perpetual Trophy - Murray Keeble - Barwon RC

Ian Law Trophy - Barwon Men's Masters        Col Rogers Trophy - Mildura Quad photo?

Lee Mann Medal - Philip Marshall of Adelaide University Boat Club presented by Scott Chapman RFDS Vic.

2023 Jack Joel Trophy - Dawdling Darlings of Hawthorn RC presented by Scott Chapman

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