WDRC Volunteers

Guarding your safety and welfare through the day

Participants will be looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers from the Wentworth District Rowing Club, who host the event providing the breakfast and dinner and provide key support on the river.

Also volunteers from The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Mildura branch will provide first aid support at the stopping points.

There will be a number of support boats following the crews. These have UHF radios and mobile phones. The WDRC will be in charge of communications, support craft and support crews. A controller and base personnel will be stationed at the river to call up ambulance and other support services if they should be necessary for any reason.

Organisers, support crews and participants will, through the volunteer boats and vehicles, have trunk radio communications over the entire course if they are necessary.

The WDRC and organising committee members and volunteers aim to provide a safe, enjoyable and environmentally responsible day for all those involved in the Rowathon. It would be impossible to stage the Rowathon without the considerable support provided by this enthusiastic group. Hopefully, you will get to know some of them on the day. They're a good mob and their barbecue breakfast makes a great start to the day!