Why Do It

Why do the Rowathon?

· It’s a real challenge – with a real sense of achievement at the end

· You can do it, regardless of your fitness or ability

· You’ll meet friendly people from all over Australia (and sometimes the world!)

· It’s a beautiful place to row

For Beginners

· Practise your rowing without having to stop & turn around every few kilometres

· Swap your crew around so no-one gets tired

· Use the Murray River’s current to help you along the way

For Social Rowers

· Get a sense of accomplishment from doing something a bit different

· Have the rowing equivalent of a “golf weekend” away

· Catch up with friends as you row along, and on the riverbank

For School Rowers (& their Coaches)

· Have your coaches alongside, & correct your technique immediately, without the interruptions of stopping & turning around

· Row on still water, without worrying about boat washes and other traffic

· Build aerobic capacity with long, uninterrupted rowing

For Competitive Rowers

· Challenge yourself to row well for long distances

· Improve your aerobic fitness and prepare for the coming season

· Fit four training sessions into one, concentrated day

For Elite Rowers

· Set a course record and improve your aerobic fitness at the same time

· Use the uninterrupted course to do long interval work

· Improve your mental tenacity by rowing hard for long periods