T-Shirt - The 2022 entry fee of $85 per rower/cox includes a complimentary Flying Doctor Rowathon t-shirt.

Pelican Pads - for comfort on the long row we recommend our soft lambs wool Pelican Pad to sit on. Appreciated by many experienced Rowathon rowers particularly after 10-15 km of moving up and down the slide. They are only $30 each, plus postage, and can be bought on the Rowathon day, as part of your entry or by contacting Lou Olayos - email - .


Pelican Mat - for extra comfort, particularly if you row more than one leg, try our blue rubber mat under the lambs wool Pelican Pad. At only $15 each, they make rowing so much more comfortable on the buttocks.


Flying Doctor Rowathon Cap- show your support and involvement in the Flying Doctor Rowathon by proudly wearing the Rowathon Cap, both on the day and when ever you row. Cost is $25 and can be ordered as part of your entry, bought on the day or by contacting Lou Olayos - email . Postage applies when ordering by mail.