Things To Take With You In The Boat

Look After Yourself - And Your Boat....

On the day, you should take at least one water bottle, preferably two, (which you can fill up at the start and at the morning, lunch and afternoon stops), sunblock, tape for blisters and gloves to protect both sides of your hands. After the first leg of the course (in which the appearance of the crews is judged) some rowers change their caps for broad-brimmed hats, long sleeved shirts and long pants. Light pyjama pants are a good idea to protect your legs from the sun. And don't push yourself too hard.

Every boat should also carry basic rigging tools and a roll of gaffer tape, the oarsman's favourite fix-it material. There can be unexpected things in the river and it pays to be prepared......

....And your Bum

Coxwains should give their crews rests along the way but most rowers who row the full distance do, in the last leg (or two), get a sore bum. So, some seat padding, such as a Pelican Pad, is helpful.

Pelican lambswool, multi-purpose seat pads, originally designed specifically for use in the Rowathon, are a worthwhile investment. The RFDS benefits from the sale of the Pelican Pads, which cost $30.00 each and can be ordered through Trybooking as part of the registration process. They can also be mail ordered at any time by contacting the committee (ref: Contct Us) and requesting as many as you like.

Need A Crew?

Should you wish to enter the Rowathon but need a crew with whom to row, we may be able to arrange a seat for you. There is no limit to the make-up and number of people in your Rowathon group. Your trip to Wentworth, your boat transport and your accommodation are your responsibility. If you decide to change rowers at the morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea stops you can catch a bus or have a Support Crew in cars to transport rowers between the stops.

Rowers and coxswains pay $85 to enter the Rowathon and this includes a special Flying Doctor Rowathon T-shirt. There is no entry fee for non-rowing Support Crew members.